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Recover Deleted Photos from Computer

It happened to us all that sometimes we delete an important picture or image from our PC accidentally, as a result, we have no choice but to be upset even though we are not willing to lose it. Actually those lost or deleted photos are still in your computer and you can get them back absolutely. Here is the guide on how to recover deleted photos from computer step by step. With the help of Data Recovery Software, you can easily recover deleted pictures from computer.

Wondershare Data Recovery is a multifunctional Data Rescue Software, you can not only retrieve deleted photos from computer, but also restore any kind of data, such as videos, music, documents, emails and so on. Download this software to see how to recover pictures deleted from computer right now!

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Note: For Mac users, kindly please visit how to recover lost data on Mac.

Steps: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Computer?

Step 1: Download to get started
Before you start retrieving deleted photos from computer, you need to free download and install Data Recovery to your computer. Launch it and click "Next" to start your work. You need to answer 2 easy questions, and the software will do the rest of recovering photos.

easy way to recover deleted pictures from computer

Step 2: Tell where you have deleted your photos
First question, you need to tell the software what type of files you want to recover, just choose the first one: Photo/Graphic and then click "Next". The second question is that you need to tell where your photos were deleted or lost. Choose a proper one and click "Next".

how to recover pictures deleted from computer with ease

Step 4: Click "Start"

Click "Start" to start scan your deleted photos. For the "Deep Scan" or "Raw File Recovery" choices, just ignore them because what you want to get back is only the deleted photos recently.

Tips: Generally speaking, "Deep Scan" enables you to recover files lost due to formatting, while "Raw File Recovery" can help to retrieve all files that you lost long time ago for various reasons.

Step 5: Start to recover
Click "All files" to start previewing the documents that you want to restore, then click "Recover" to start recovering deleted photos from computer. By the way, you can also retrieve all kinds of data with this tool.

Do you know how to find deleted photos on computer now? Don't you think restoring deleted photos from computer is easy? Download it to recover all your lost data now!

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